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This is Sylar. Tell me where it hurts.
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General interaction

Name:Your character's name
Ability:Link to ability section or app
Can Sylar read your character's ability?: Y/N Sylar's intuitive aptitude allows him to surface read how abilities work by seeing them demonstrated, which gives him a small advantage in battle. This will only become relevant if Sylar sees the power in use.
Can Sylar kill your character?: Y/N Yes means 'I am open to future plotting on this subject', no means no, never.
Can Sylar take your character's ability?: Generally requires that 'yes' be said to the above question, unless the character is a self-healer, or Sylar bonds with them personally. A 'no', if 'yes' is said to the above question, implies either that he is disturbed if he tries, or that the ability is, such as with vampires, ghosts, werewolves, wizards etc. biologically rather than mentally gifted. For instance, Sylar can take the powers of X-Men - even X-Men like Beast - because although the power is expressed physically, it is alteration of human DNA, and Beast has been shown to lose his powers and appear as human before. In contrary he wouldn't be able to take Spike's power, because he's a vampire and dead, nor Harry Potter's, because while the ability of magic is genetic, the ability to practice it is not.

Your character in regards to Sylar:

Sylar is evil--can my character see that he is evil?
In person there is something that is distinctly off about his character. If he is acting, then he is a smooth and brilliant actor, except that his intentions begin to crack through to the surface. If he is cracking, the point where he does so will be clearly portrayed so in my text, so please don't assume so before then.
Can my character catch Sylar?
Obviously in a city full of heroes, freedom isn't guaranteed for long, though it will depend on Sylar's actions in game and how obvious he is about it. I am entirely open to discussion on the subject, and would prefer to be contacted about it in advance rather than have it sprung on me ICly.
Can my character hurt Sylar?
Yes, they can. Sylar has powers but his own presently, and can be injured. This may change as his power base develops
Can my character prevent Sylar taking their abilities?
The best way to prevent Sylar taking your abilities is to destroy your brain in some manner. A shot to the head would do the trick. Otherwise we can talk OOC about other ways to prevent him taking them.
Can my character kill Sylar?
Yes, absolutely. Please discuss it with me, though, obviously.
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No, seriously. Comments screened, anonymous on, ip logging off. Have at it.


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out of date IC contact - Siren's Pull


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